Inter-LOK Resin Cabinets

Inter-LOK Resin Cabinets
Modular Resin Storage Systems




 Made in the USA

Inter-LOK - the most innovative "Do It Yourself" Storage and Organization System on the market!

Here are some of Inter-LOK's unique features:

  • Clever Interlocking Connections have been designed into each component, eliminating the need for frustrating fasteners and small parts.
  • Product material is a Double Walled High Density Polyethylene, which is ideal for a garage atmosphere.
  • Metal drawer glides and shelf brackets to ensure proper fit and easy operation.
  • Inter-LOK is built on a MODULAR system. Kits and available accessories are designed to be combined in a vast number of configurations. 
  • This is a backless system that must be attached directly to the wall with the supplied hardware.  You get the built in look without the built in price!
  • Inter-LOK Cabinets are designed to be configured in many different layout options. Even if you start with a basic single cabinet, later purchases can be easily added to increase your storage opportunities.  All units are 16 inches deep.  See some of more popular configurations below.

More Kits and cabinets coming soon!


What type material is used in Inter-LOK's products?
Blow Molded Double Walled High Density Polyethylene – A very durable and heavy duty method of forming resin into products ideal for a garage atmosphere.  Virtually maintenance free – will never rust, rot, warp or require painting.  This material can simply be cleaned with household cleaners and a water hose.  Unaffected by spilled chemicals typically stored in a garage. 

How much weight will the shelves support?
The adjustable shelves in the cabinets will support approximately 20 lbs.  The 4 fixed shelves in the cabinets and the 42” Long Shelf will support in excess of 125 lbs each.  The 42" connector shelves contain a metal rod for added support and rigidity.

Is the Inter-LOK system freestanding?
No, the Inter-LOK system is designed to be mounted to studs in the garage wall and cannot perform adequately without being mounted correctly.  However, this can be done by simply using a stud finder to locate and mark studs and then using a screwdriver to attach system permanently to wall.   Once attached, Inter-LOK is extremely stable and will provide years of attractive storage space.

Cabinets are shown without doors or drawers in the lower sections.  Are these other items available as “accessories” if desired? 
Yes, the lower sections of the cabinet are left vacant to give the option of how you want to use the lower halves of the cabinets.  You can choose to add 8” Drawers, leave as shelving units, or order additional doors for a completely concealed configuration.

Are all of the Inter-LOK items interconnecting? 
Yes, as you can see in the above configurations, the consumer can combine cabinets, shelves, drawers and slat wall in a multitude of different ways to create their own “custom” project.  Components feature interlocking parts so the assembly process of these combinations can be done in minutes rather than hours.  These interlocking components also insure very strong and durable connections.

What kind of tools will I need?
Only a level, stud finder and screwdriver are required.  A rubber mallet sometimes comes in handy but is not required.

Can I do this by myself?
Yes, one person should be able to assemble and install the Inter-LOK system.  Components are lightweight – each time a component is assembled, it remains in place without being held until the next step is completed!

Can I add to my system at some point in the future?
Yes.  On each end of your completed Inter-LOK project there will be connections which will allow you to at some point add to what you had already completed.

Can I easily disassemble my Inter-LOK system if I want to move them to another location or new residence?





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