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GA-80 Eight Piece /12' Garage Storage Super System - Ship About 05/30/18

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Engineered to withstand the large temperature and humidity swings of unregulated garage environments!

Ulti-Mate Eight Piece 12' Garage Storage Super System

Item Number: GA-80

UPC Code:  835126300808

Size: 12'w x 21"d x 80"h (Including feet)

Color: Black Sides with Graphite Fronts

NOW AVAILABLE! - Upgrade Your GA-10 Worktop Surface For Only $75.00 More!


Notes:  Buy this bundled beauty and save time and money in the process.  Priced lower than if purchased separately and only a shopping cart click away!  This kit includes the following eight pieces:




(1) GA-02 Base Cabinet

(1) GA-03 Base Cabinet

(2) GA-09 Wall Cabinets




(2) GA-06 Tower Cabinets

(1) GA-04 Base Cabinet

(1) GA-10 Worktop

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Sorry, Not available in Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska. 

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