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Ulti-MATE Garage Cabinets -  MDF Cabinets by BH North America - Gray Fronts with Black Sides

Ulti MATE Cabinets rank number one in style and function for the largest room in the house. Ulti-MATE GARAGE from BH North America/Bladez is a state of the art system.  It will transform your old garage into a sleek and functional  workspace.  These wildly popular modular cabinets provide plenty of storage options for all your personal belongings.  Thes cabinets were developed to add style and sophistication through modern design.  The Ulti MATE Storage System is built using polyurethane coated MDF doors, drawers and facings for a clean, finished and refined look. Cabinets are assembled using a thermofused particle substrate laminate over MDF face-fronts for maximum strength and stability.

Modern brushed zinc pulls and handles offer comfort and utility. Euro hardware and roller bearing slides offer ease of use, quality feel and reliability. Available in Graphite fronts with Black cabinets.

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Ulti-MATE Starfire White Cabinets - MDF Cabinets by BH North America - White Fronts with Grey Sides

Introducing a new member of the Ulti-MATE cabinet family: Ulti-MATE Storage in Starfire White.  Though the line shares the popular high-end ¾” cabinet construction, radius cabinet profile and Euro hardware from the regular Ulti-MATE Garage line, this version differs greatly with a most distinctive cabinet facing color in Starfire White through a high-end PVC laminate.  Starfire White offers varying colors to the discerning eye pending on view angle and lighting.  You’ll find an elegant Pearl White color from one angle and a metallic flake white from another.  Cabinet color is complimented with a Grey outer PVC textured laminate and interior for the perfect color tone effect. Many cabinet styles are available to meet endless designs possibilities. If you’re looking for a distinctive high-end style and quality construction cabinets at pricing that meets varying budgets for endless storage possibilities for; Garage, Utility, Pantry, Basement, Office, Industrial, etc- we suggest Ulti-MATE Storage Starfire White.

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Hercke Stainless Steel and Powder Coat All Metal Cabinets

Hercke Organization Solutions are designed for a growing segment of discerning individuals who appreciate sophisticated, high-quality design in every aspect of their lives.  When it comes to upscale storage, Hercke cabinets offer the best value on the market with an unmatched combination of beauty, affordability, and quality. 

  • Modular Components are Versatile and Reconfirgurable
  • Elegent Forged-Steel Doors (Available in Stainless Steel and Silver Powder Coat)
  • Durable Powder-Coated, Forged 18GA Steel Casing
  • Innovative Features Found Only in Higher-End Cabintry
  • Easy Assembly - only a screwdriver is required
  • 24" Deep Units - Great for Your Larger Items

Besides the garage, Hercke is ideal for anywhere else people need smart, space enhancing storage:

  • Commercial Locations (all cabinets include lock & key)
  • Industrial Storage (all cabinets include lock & key)
  • Home Office
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry Room
  • Hobby & Craft Room
  • Outdoor Areas

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Schulte FreedomRAIL Garage Kit GIF

Schulte FreedomRail Garage Cabinet Wall Mount Systems

FreedomRail System Features

Organized Living - Schulte freedomRail helps you take control of the clutter and makes your garage the envy of the neighborhood.

Designed to withstand the real-world use of active families, freedomRail Garage is the perfect solution for organizing sports equipment, seasonal items, lawn and garden tools, and so much more.

Components are designed in 30" widths to accommodate large items like coolers, camping gear, and home improvement tools. The extra-wide cabinets and GO-Boxes bring everything off the floor for easier cleaning.

All components are truly adjustable - move shelves or components for seasonal use, sports interests, or new projects and hobbies.
Schulte freedomRail Garage includes:

GO-Boxes (Garage Organization Boxes) in three styles: 2-Shelf with doors, Cubby, and 3-Drawer. GO-Boxes hold a wide variety of items including bike helmets, hiking boots, paint cans, and more. Constructed of furniture-grade thermal fused melamine finished in Granite Gray. (Doors optional)

Garage Locker holds sports equipment, seasonal coats and accessories. Constructed of furniture-grade melamine finished in Granite Gray. (Doors optional)

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Stanley Zag 48

Stanley ZAG Resin Cabinets

Currently on close-out 

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