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1-5/8" Color Matched Screws (box of 100)

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Prod. Code: SC61

 1-5/8 Long StoreWALL Color Matched Screws

Product Overview:

Rust resistant #6 bugle-head (phillips type) screws, zinc plated, self tapping, prime coated, baked & painted to match the 5 StoreWALL panel colors.  100 per box.

Product Details:

If you're planning on screwing your storeWALL panels directly to wall studs (no drywall or other material between the StoreWALL & wood) then we recommend you use these screws for the most attractive finish. They have painted heads which have been custom colored to match the storeWALL panel colors. The screws are #6, 1-5/8" long, bugle headed (phillips type) screws, with zinc plating and baked-on paint finish. If you use a screw in every slot (five slots per panel), and have studs spaced at 16" intervals, then you'll need 120 screws per case of 4ft. panels, or 140 screws per case of 8ft. panels. This is the maximum you'll need - most normal applications don't require a screw in every slot and usually require about one box or less  (100 screws) per 40 Sq. feet of StoreWALL.

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