StoreWALL Installation

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The Basics of StoreWALL Installation

YouTube Storewall Installation Instructional (Detailed 9 minute video)

For Detailed Guide click: Detailed installation instructions & tips. (This is a 16 page pdf file that you can print out.  It contains the outdated "Hang-Up" and "Dowel Pin" installation methods so please ignore that section)

StoreWALL is the ultimate storage and display system for use anywhere: from home to factory.

You can use storeWALL inside or outdoors (it's waterproof and can be easily cleaned).

It is extremely attractive, environmentally friendly and can be installed quickly by one person.

StoreWALL is an extruded, solid core, low maintenance product ideal for high abuse applications.

StoreWALL is available in a variety of solid core designer colors and wood grains. Each tongue and groove storeWALL panel is 3/4" thick, 15" high and available in either 4 or 8 foot lengths.

heavy duty strength     low weight panel     easy to work with

For a wall installation use screws, or, use installStrips for a hidden fastener installation.

Installation can be on wood or metal studs, drywall, concrete block or any secure building material. Installation can be outdoors or inside. Adhesives that are compatible with PVC can be used. Saw, drill or fabricate easier than wood.

There are 2 easy installation methods: Max and InstallStrip. Max gives you maximum load capacity, just screw through the slot. InstallSTRIP provides for a hidden fastener installation. We'll tell you more about this soon, but first, here are some orientation basics. 

Make certain you install storeWALL right side up and right side out. (We mention this because the panel is finished front and back.) The tongue is up and the L shape slots face out. On the back, the 45 degree notch is pointing toward the ground. The notch is for use with installStrips.

InstallStrips give you an exceptional quality installation. There are no exposed screws or fasteners. When you use installStrips, you can quickly and easily change panels or panel colors.

Max gives you maximum load capacity. Screw through the recessed slot on the panel face. Locate the position of the bottom storeWALL panel. Fasten to wall by drilling through the slots in panel, into wall studs or blocking. Add the next panel and repeat the procedure.

Helpful tips:

  • Use storeWALL color matched screws.
  • No need to predrill or countersink with drywall screws.
  • For normal capacity screw every other slot and every stud.  For maximum load capacity screw every slot and every stud.
  • Butt ends over studs when possible to maximize load capacity.
  • Install wall with a running bond pattern to help hide seams.
  • Hide screws with color coordinated screw caps or use color matched screws.
  • Check for level or plumb as you install panels.
  • Use 1-5/8" or longer drywall screws if you a driving directly into studs.  Use 2-1/2" screws if mounting through drywall.


Norm uses screws to hold the wall panel in position.

Basic Instructions:

Draw a level and plumb line at lowest point you want storeWALL

Place the first panel on this line and screw in place (make certain storeWALL is level and plumb)

Place second panel next to the first panel and screw panel in place

Continue adding panels until the first row is complete

Begin second row panels on top of first row and screw panels in place

Continue in this fashion until the area you want to cover is completed

Add trim components (optional) if desired

InstallStrip uses installStrips for quick change panels and an architectural, hidden fastener installation.

Basic Instructions:

Determine the desired storeWALL location

Make a level line at the top of the desired storeWALL location

The top of the InstallStrips should begin at the level line

Mount InstallStrips on each wall stud (begin with top fastener hole). The InstallStrip is designed to work with many fastener types, choose the on that best fits your installation needs

Place storeWALL panels on the InstallStrips, starting with the bottom panel. Seat each panel on the ‘Strip by pushing down on the top of the panel.

A screw in the top wall panel locks the lower panels in place.

Video Demonstration: View a short 75 second video demonstration on installStrips at YouTube


For Detailed Guide click:

Detailed installation instructions & tips. (This is a 16 page pdf file that you can print out.  It contains the outdated "Hang-Up" installation method so please ignore that section)


  • Use Super Glue in the rare event you need to make fast WALL repairs.
  • Repair WALL scratches and surface mars, easily, by using a paper towel dampened with acetone. (Caution: acetone can be hazardous. Obtain an MSDS sheet and read completely.) Acetone is a solvent. Test on scrap or a WALL back.
  • For masonry or block wall installation - It is faster to install wood furring strips onto the wall and then screw the storeWALL directly into these strips..