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storeWALL ™ Slatwall Panels For Garage Storage and Beyond! > storeWALL Slatwall Heavy-Duty 4 foot Panels - Pack of 30 sq. ft.
storeWALL Slatwall Heavy-Duty 4 foot Panels - Pack of 30 sq. ft.

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Orig. Price: $289.99
Sale Price: $209.99
Prod. Code: sw4ftpnl-wg


StoreWALL Heavy-Duty Slatwall Panels - 4' Foot length

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 What is storeWALL anyway?




Weathered Grey and Brite White Overstock Sale Now In Progress - Save an Extra $20!

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  1. Slot design fits hundreds of organization accessories

  2. Solid core colors and wood-grains run through entire panel

  3. Thermoplastic material withstands years of garage abuse

  4. Optional "InstallStrips" replace screws through the panels

  5. Thick panels insure maximum load capacity

  6. Tongue and groove system aligns and locks panels

  7. "L" shaped slot doesn't trap dirt as with "T" shaped competitors

  8. High quality look,

  9. Choose from hundreds of accessories

10. Choose from 2 natural wood-grains & three colors (See bottom of page for color guide)


Product Details:  4' StoreWALL Heavy-Duty Panels

Normal Retail Price is $289.99 per box. Our SALE price is $209.99 (Brite White and Weathered Grey) which INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING!!!

Each tongue and groove storeWALL panel is 3/4" thick and 15" high. Six panels per pack for a total of 30 sq. feet per box. Price shown is for one complete box of six panels. Total weight per carton is approximately 50 pounds. Perfect for small jobs and starter projects.  Smaller quantities can be shipped via UPS, Fedex, etc.   For tough garage environments storeWALL is heavy duty. It's the original, industrial strength PVC wall panel that is waterproof and weather proof. Storewall is also attractive enough to be used in any area of your home or business.

A word about the wood-grain panels: Rustic Cedar and Global Pine

The great thing about our wood-grains is that you get the random graining and coloration just like real wood.  Sometimes the graining and coloration can be quite different, especially when you're looking at different purchase/shipping dates.  We recommend you order all your required wood-grain panels at the same time to minimize any potential coloration or graining differences.  When installing, always perform a "dry run" by laying out your panels and arranging in the most pleasing pattern before actually attaching to the wall.  We cannot be held liable for any color or graining match issues that may arise on wood-grain orders placed on different dates.

A word about Graphite Steel Colored Panels

Our Graphite Steel finish is a unique metallic surface treatment, very similar to that found on an automobile. The substructure is solid PVC as are all storeWALL wall panels. Please note the metallic effect is only on the surface and if gouged deep enough, just like an automobile, the gouge may show. Thus we encourage reasonable care and handling be exercised when choosing our Graphite Steel wall panels.

Matching to older product:  If you have storeWALL installed before the fall of 2016 then you most likely have panels made at the old factory.  The current product is made in a new factory with new machinery and as such is sized slightly different.  You probably won't notice this unless you are trying to install the new panels directly side by side next to the old.  Please take this into consideration before ordering.  We cannot be held liable for any matching issues that may occur due to any new product size and/or color changes.

Recommended installation accessories:
One box of matching bugle head mounting screws per 40 square ft. of Storewall.  This works out to 3 boxes of screws per every four boxes of 4 foot length Storewall Panels
storeWALL InstallStrips for hidden attachment installation method.  InstallStrips are not required if mounting using the standard screw on method.
Trim Options - Small "L", and Large "L":  Use to trim around exposed edges of storeWALL.  Also great to trim around windows, doors,outlets, etc.!
storeWALL Heavy Duty is constructed from a rigid foamed PVC extrusion. It is one of the widest extrusions of its type in the world, and uses the Chemflow process developed specifically for this product.

Panel Specifications:

Panel Length : 48"
Panel Weight : 8.2 lbs
Panel Width : 15-1/4" overall / 15" usable face
Panel Area : 5 sq ft (per panel)
Panel Thickness : 11/16"
Squareness : +/- 1/32" (.0312) measured diagonally

Slot Specifications:

Slot spacing : 3.0" on center
Slot Groove : 0.200"
Slot Lip : 0.375"
Slot Opening : 0.375"

Fire Rating / FlameSpread:

IIB 43-775


Distance from Panel Face Load per bracket (pounds)

4" = 148
6" = 125
8" = 110
10" = 88
12" = 70
14" = 52
16" = 35

Shipping Specifications:

4' Carton
Panel quantity : 6 pcs
Total area covered : 30 sq ft / 2.78 sq meters
Carton dim : 49.5" x 16" x 4.375"
125cm x 40cm x 11cm Carton weight : 60 lbs / 27 kg



(Note - Dover White is Now Manufacturer Discontinued)