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storeWALL 45" Long Metal InstallStrip - For Heavy Duty Panels Only!

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Orig. Price: $57.94
Sale Price: $47.94
Prod. Code: SWINSTALLSTRIP - 4 ft box amount


storeWALL 45" Long Metal InstallStrip For Hidden Attachment Method.

For use with storeWALL Heavy Duty Panels only - Not for use with Standard Duty Panels!


Size: 45" Long (Each 45" InstallStrip can be separated into 30" or 15" sections to provide a truly customizable installation.)

Material:  Industrial Grade Steel

Quantity:  Price listed is for either 6 or 8 InstallStrips based on your length option selected above.  For instance if you are ordering 3 boxes of 8 foot long panels then enter in a quantity of 3 under the eight foot selection option.  If you are ordered two boxes of 4 foot long panels then enter in a quantity of 2 under the four foor selection option.  etc....

Notes:  This item has just been released by storeWALL to replace the "Hang-up" hidden fastener installation method.  These new Installation are pre-spaced to accommodate your Heavy-Duty storeWALL panels which allows for a much easier installation process than with the Hang-up system.  This item will not work with the storeWALL Standard Duty panels and is designed for use with the Heavy Duty panels only!  Each strip is 45" long which is the width of three storeWALL panels.  The panels can be snapped at 15" and 30" intervals to allow for installation of any amount of storeWALL rows as you proceed up the wall.  These strips are not required to install storeWALL as you can still install your panels using the tried and true "screws through the panel into the stud" method.  They are intended to be used by those who seek a hidden attachment method.  You will need (8) InstallStrips per box of eight foot long heavy duty storeWALL (40 sq ft per box) or (6) InstallStrips per box of four foot long heavy duty storeWALL (30 sq ft per box).

Video Demonstration:  View a short 75 second video demonstration on this product on YouTube:


Key Highlights:

Industrial strength - Each InstallStrip is made from industrial grade steel for strength and galvanized for rugged performance.

Gripper teeth - The teeth on each InstallStrip grab the panel to prevent wall movement.

Fastener options - The power tool locator accommodates fasteners from screws to nails installed with hand or power tools (fasteners NOT included).

Break points - The InstallStrip comes in 45" sections that can be separated into 30" or 15" sections by snapping at
the desired break point.  The fastest and strongest hidden installation anywhere.

Panel Grips - Behind each panel slat is a grip to provide maximum strength for the storeWALL HeavyDuty Panel.

Versatile installation - Can be mounted to ANY solid wall surface: Drywall, Wood and Metal Studs, Plaster, Stucco, Poured
concrete and Block. Wall placement can be permanent, changeable or moveable.