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Slatwall Waterfall Hook - With 5 Hangers

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Prod. Code: H-HW5



Product: Slatwall Waterfall Hook - With 5 Hangers

Item Number:  H-HW5

Size: 3″ W x 12″ D x 12″ H

Quantity:  1 unit with five hanging hooks

Color: Black

Notes: Hang several items off the floor, above your workbench, or anywhere you want them. Keep items close at hand and easy to find.  Hold extension cords, ropes, ties, tack storage items, jackets, and a million other items!  For use with slatwall sytems only!

Recommended Option: M-HLOK Slatwall Hook Lock. - Keeps this hook locked into the wall and prevents it from sliding in the slot or falling out of the groove and onto the floor.


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