Installation Information

See Below For Links To Specific Product Installation Guides/Manuals  

To install our products you can either "do it yourself" or hire someone else to do the work.  Different customers have different needs and desires so we will discuss all the options. 

Hiring a professional:

If you aren't mechanically inclined, too busy, or just not interested in building/putting things together than this is the option for you.  We suggest hiring a local handyman service such as "Mr. Handyman" or other franchise type handyman service.  Of course if you already know an experienced Contractor with whom you are satisfied you should go to that person first.  If you don't know of anybody ask your friends and neighbors for their recommendations.  It always pays to make sure you are dealing with a true professional who will complete on time and budget so check out your potential contractor before signing any contracts!  This is why we recommend a franchise Handyman service.  These are large companies whose employees are pre-screened  and have all the needed training to handle your job.  If your hired hand has any questions about how to install any of our products we will be happy to take their call.  The downside of hiring a professional is the added cost to your project and the research time required to hire a competent Contractor.


Self - Installation

If you can saw & drill wood, follow simple directions, and work a cordless screwdriver than self installation may be for you.  Nothing is more satisfying than completing a home improvement project yourself while achieving a stunning result!  Our storeWALL panels can be cut and drilled just like regular wood using common wood-working tools.  Pasted below are links to various installation guides for the products we sell.  If you are thinking about self installation then click through these guides to make sure your comfortable following the given directions.  Of course we are always here at 301-760-7611 to answer any questions you may have that are unique to your particular project!


Ulti-MATE PRO Cabinet Handle Installation Template

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-01P Assembly Guide (4 Meg PDF File) 

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-02P Assembly Guide (4 Meg PDF File)  

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-03P Assembly Guide (4.8 Meg PDF File)  

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-04P Assembly Guide (5.4 Meg PDF File)  

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-06P Assembly Guide (4.1 Meg PDF File)  

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-08P Assembly Guide (3.8 Meg PDF File)  

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-09P Assembly Guide (3.4 Meg PDF File)  


Ulti-MATE GA-01 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Ulti-MATE GA-02 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Ulti-MATE GA-03 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Ulti-MATE GA-04 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Ulti-MATE GA-06 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Ulti-MATE GA-08 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Ulti-MATE GA-09 Cabinet Assembly Instructions

Hercke Assembly Instructions (9.5M PDF File)

StoreWALL Slatwall Installation Guide

Detailed StoreWALL Installation Guide (16 page pdf file)

StoreWALL Trim Installation Guide with helpful tips  (4 page pdf file)

HandiWall Slatwall Basic Installation Guide

Zag (Stanley) Heavy Duty Cabinet Hanger Bracket Installation Guide

Wheelbarrow Holder Installation Guide

Grip-It Tool Holder Installation Instructions (1 page pdf file)

G-Floor/Parking Pad Installation Video Guide

FreedomRail Installation Guide

storeWALL to FreedomRAIL V-Bracket Installation Guide

Activity-Lok Installation Video for Schulte Activity Organizers

Racor ProStor PHL-1R HeavyLift Installation Video

Racor Prostor PBR-1R Bike Hoist Installation Video

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