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Organized Living - Schulte 7155-5620-50  The Wire Basket 16"w x 12"d x 4"h

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Prod. Code: B-5620



Product: The Wire Basket 

Item Number: B-5620

Manufacturer:  Organized Living - Schulte  7155-5620-50

Size: 16"w x 12"d x 4"h

Color: Granite

Notes: Unlimited storage uses for tools, car supplies, toys, sports gear...Heavy duty ventilated basket allows air movement, visibility, and keeps harmful items out of reach.  

Made of heavy duty steel to keep items securely in place.  Easily relocates on your slatwall or grid without tools to adjust to your changing storage needs.  Huge 75 pound load rating!

Works with storeWALL, HandiWall or other standard spaced slatwall product (3 inches on center slots) , Organized Living/Schulte grid systems, or bolt directly to any solid flat surface (bolts not included).

Recommended Option: Organized Living - Schulte Activity-LOK  - Locks this item into the slatwall slot to prevent it from sliding back and forth or falling out onto the ground!

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