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Triton B1-2 Two Pack Pegboard Wall Mount Swing Panel 24" x 48"

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Triton B1-2 Two Pack Pegboard Wall Mount Swing Panel 24" x 48"

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Size: Two B1 units at 24" x 48" each

Load Rating: 275 Pounds per unit

Swing Radius: 33"

Shipping Weight: 78 Pounds


All Triton swing panels accommodate both 70000 series DuraHooks and standard pegboard hooks (Hooks and tools shown in bottom image not included).  

Each heavy-duty system is double-sided, designed to fit large amounts of storage into a fraction of the wall space. Triton systems offer flexibility in layout, placement with unlimited growth capabilities.

Each unit comes with 1/4" tempered pegboard and hardware for attachment to the durable powder coated steel frames.

Every model is load rated and comes with all hardware necessary for secure mounting to solid concrete or block walls. (Hollow walls with studs requires the installation of 2" x 6" headers.) The Swing Panel Bolt Hinges are a heavy duty 3/8's inch thick.  Each panel has it's own independent support bracket and hinge system so you can either mount side by side as shown in the picture or separate them as needed for your application.

Designed for mounting at eye level such as over workbenches, display ares, or other work surfaces. 

Makes a perfect sorting station when filled with bins.   

Great for commercial display of tools or other products were space is at a premium.


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