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16" Ulti-MATE PRO SlatWALL Bracket

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Orig. Price: $18.95
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Prod. Code: E-GA-SB16

16" Ulti-MATE PRO SlatWALL Bracket

Size: 16" Long

Easily hang your Ulti-MATE PRO cabinets on most popular slatWALL systems with this optional high load rated wall cleat bracket.  Also works with regular Ulti-MATE wall cabinet models GA-08 & GA-08SW.  Your cabinet must have a wall cleat in order to use this bracket.  Always check the load rating capacity of your brand of slatwall before mounting heavy cabinets to the panels.  We recommend the use of storeWALL Heavy Duty slatwall panels for mounting heavier items such as cabinets.  Use in conjuction with other brackets per the chart below:




This Bracket Fits:

GA-01PC - Large 36" Base Cabinet - Use 2 Brackets per cabinet in conjuction with the E-CBS bracket

GA-06PC - Large (Tall) 36" Storage Cabinet - Use 4 Brackets (2 for the top cleat and 2 for the middle cleat) in conjuction with E-CBS brackets

GA-08PC, GA-08, GA-08SW - Wide 36" Wall Cabinet - Use 2 Brackets Per Cabinet

To mount other cabinet models to slatwall use the E-GA-SB20 twenty inch bracket as shown in chart above.


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