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Ulti-MATE PRO GA-1200KPC 12 Piece 21-27 Foot Super Deluxe Unit

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Engineered to withstand the large temperature and humidity swings of unregulated garage environments!

Ulti-Mate PRO Twelve Piece 21-27' Garage Storage Super System

Item Number: GA-1200KPC

UPC Code: 835126340101

Size: 21"-27'w x 21"d x 84"h (width depends on cabinet layout - as shown in image is 27 feet wide - by moving the wall cabinets on right over to where clock is located you can reduce footprint to 21 feet wide)

Color: Metallic Silver Polyurethane (PU) Coated Door and Drawer fronts, Grey texture coated PVC laminate on cabinets.

Hardware Color (Handles and Feet): Brushed Metal Aluminum

Notes:  Tired of that garage and possibly your largest room of the home not being functional enough to get your cars parked and or for use as workshop, play room, party room, etc? This Ulti-MATE Garage PRO 12-piece system will help change that and have you utilizing this great room more than ever, maybe time to throw a “Garage Party”.   This master system kit offers up to 27’ of width of cabinets that offers infinite design/layout options for your garage.  Our most popular cabinet combination package!

Ulti-MATE Garage PRO offers the highest RTA quality and styling in garage cabinetry.  Other strong product features include; Unique polyurethane Silver coated cabinet fronts with PVC textured Grey laminate on cabinets, custom shop radius profile, 200 lb load rated 1” thick shelves, Euro hardware, full extension drawer glides, oversized Brushed Chrome handles, 6” adjustable feet and much more.     


Model                                     Actual Dimensions per Cabinet    Qty                  Color             

1-Door Base Cabinet              23.6” W x 35” H x 21” D                      1                      Silver & Grey

2-Door Base Cabinet              35.4” W x 35” H x 21” D                      1                      Silver & Grey

3-Drawer Base Cabinet           23.6” W x 35” H x 21” D                      1                      Silver & Grey

2-Door Tall Cabinet                 35.4” W x 82.6” H x 21” D                   4                      Silver & Grey

2-Door Wall Cabinet                23.6” W x 30.7” H x 14” D                   3                      Silver & Grey

3-Door Wall Cabinet                35.4” W x 23.6” H x 14” D                   1                      Silver & Grey

Large Worktop Surface            70.75” W x 1.50” H x 21” D                 1                      Black             

Go ahead and buy this bundled beauty now and save time and money in the process.  This kit includes all required metal hardware(drawer pulls, feet, castors, etc).  Priced lower than if purchased separately and only a shopping cart click away!

  GA-1200KPC Twelve Piece kit Includes:

(1)  GA-02PC 

Base Cabinet

(1) GA-01PC Base Cabinet

(3) GA-09PC 

Wall Cabinets



 (1) GA-08PC

 Wall Cabinet

(1) GA-04PC 

Base Cabinet

(1) GA-10 Worktop

Ulti-Mate PRO GA-06P_NY Two Door Tall Cabinet



(4) GA-06PC 




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Sorry, Not available in Canada, Hawaii, or Alaska.

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