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storeWALL V-Bracket (pair) With Stops

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Price: $32.95
Prod. Code: E-GOBST (pair)

Product: storeWALL V-Bracket (pair) with Stops 

Item Number:  E-GOBST (pair)

Quantity:  one pair (two brackets)

Color:  Zinc

Note:  Hang your GO-Boxes, GO-Cabinets and GO-Lockers on storeWALL or other slatwall panels. Bring everything off the floor for easier cleaning!  The GO-STOPS (included) will lock the GO Unit in place and allow the doors & drawers to remain in alignment.  Actual product may vary slightly from the image shown in picture.

Installation Instructions:






Use these instructions for installing EGOBST brackets to mount freedomRAIL products to storeWALL or other slatwall products.

NOTE:  We highly recommend adding a second pair of brackets to Go-Lockers, Drawer Units, Bench Supporting units, or other units that will be heavily loaded.  The second pair should be mounted to the bottom half of the cabinet where spacing allows after the above instructions are followed.  Simply attach to the storeWALL panel and then slide the bracket to the side of the cabinet panel and attach with the euro-screws that were provided with your FreedomRail Cabinet.

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