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Hercke 30W x 12D x 24H Overhead Storage Cabinet - Stainless Steel or Powder Coat

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Orig. Price: $350.00
Sale Price: $233.98
Prod. Code: OSC301224-S72 / WMS300000-S70




/Hercke_OSC301224-S72_Stainless_Steel_24_Inch_Overhead Cabinet_1.jpg

S72 Stainless Steel Front
Hercke_OSC301224-S73_Powder_Coat_Steel_24_Inch_Overhead Cabinet_1.jpg
S73 Silver Metallic Powder Coat Front

Hercke 24" Overhead Storage Cabinet With Wall Mount

Price Shown Includes FREE SHIPPING (ships directly from manufacturer - continental US only)

Hercke Youtube Video Demonstration

Dimensions: 30W x 12D x 24H
Part #: OSC301224-S72/S73

Includes: (1) 24"H x 30"W x 12"D satin black powder coat case,(4) case bumpers, (1) black shelves and (4) black shelf clips, (2) black right corner brackets, (2) black left corner brackets, (6) black single e-clips, (2) black double e-clips (used to connect to other units), (4) 12" black rods, (9) black rods screws, (5) black panel screws, (1) 24"H x 15"W x 0.67"D upper/overhead door set in vertical line finish stainless steel 430 or silver powder coat (your choice), (1) right door two-point lockset, (2) silver door handles, (4) overlay hinges, (4) case hinge plates, (18) hinge screws, instructions, assembly required
BONUS:  Also includes your choice or either regular flat wall or slatwall (storeWALL) mounting system! 

Options: Choose from either stainless steel or silver metallic powder coat fronts (see above pictures).             

Choose from regular flat wall mount system, or slatwall (storeWALL) mount system. See Chart Below

Cabinet Mounting Options

Per Kit Includes: (2) 30"W satin powder coat black j-tracks, (4) 2"W satin powder coat black Z-brackets, (9) black wood screws, instructions. Use on regular flat walls such as drywall, studs, concrete, cinder block, etc.


Per Kit: Includes: (2) 30"W satin powder coat black j-tracks, (2) 30"W satin powder coat black channel mount tracks, (9) black wood screws, instructions. Use to mount cabinets on slatwall panels such as our storeWALL Heavy Duty product line.  Do Not mount this product on lightweight/flimsy slatwall!!!

Hercke WMS300000-S70

Regular Flat Wall Mount System

Hercke MS300000-S70

Slatwall (Channel) Wall Mount System


Details: Great 12" deep wall unit for overhead storage.  Keeps things handy while still out of site!   Includes the required wall mount system option that others make you buy separately.  Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.  All cabinet shelves are adjustable in two inch increments from top to bottom of cabinet.

Load Rating: 100 LB's per shelf or 200 LB's for the total unit.

Hercke Assembly Instructions (9.5M PDF File)

Modular Assembly Has Never Had It So Easy!

Hercke goes together in seconds without a fuss and rearranges without a second thought. Our product does not need to be bolted in place for the simple reason that people’s lives are not bolted in place. This system is designed to go together with a single screwdriver, eight screws and no worries.

Hercke Video Demonstration 

1. Hinge cylinders. - Match up and secure with the steel hinge rods.

2. Steel hinge rods. - Slip easily into hinge cylinders for quick and easy assembly.

3. Simplicity. - One Phillips screwdriver, that’s it.


Hercke_E_Clip.jpg Hercke_Double_E_Clip.jpg
e-clip - Connects and aligns stacked units. double e-clip - Connects and aligns side-by-side stacked units


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