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Hercke 7.5 Foot Workstation - 10 Piece - Stainless Steel or Powder Coat - Kit #26

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Hercke 7.5 Foot Workstation - 10 Piece - Stainless Steel or Powder Coat

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Hercke Youtube Video Demonstration

Product Code: Hercke Kit # 26

Size as shown: 90" W X 24" D X 6' H (including feet)

Options: Choose from either stainless steel or silver metallic powder coat fronts.

Choose from Floor Platform (Feet or Casters option), regular flat wall mount system, or slatwall (storeWALL) mount system. See chart below for details.

Cabinet Mounting Options



Per Unit: Includes: (1) 6"H x 30"W x 24"D satin black powder coat platform, (4) turned anodized aluminum adjustable legs, (5) black screws, instructions. Use on flat level or slightly sloped floors. One inch adjustment range.



Per Unit Includes: (2) 30"W satin powder coat black j-tracks, (4) 2"W satin powder coat black Z-brackets, (9) black wood screws, instructions. Use on regular flat walls such as drywall, studs, concrete, cinder block, etc.

Hercke ASP302406-S70

Adjustable Height Stationary Floor Platform

Hercke WMS300000-S70

Regular Flat Wall Mount System



Per Unit: Includes: (2) 30"W satin powder coat black j-tracks, (2) 30"W satin powder coat black channel mount tracks, (9) black wood screws, instructions. Use to mount cabinets on slatwall panels such as our storeWALL Heavy Duty product line.  Do Not mount this product on lightweight/flimsy slatwall!!!




Per Unit: Includes: (1) 6"H x 30"W x 24"D satin black powder coat platform, (2) locking 500 kilo PU casters, (2) 500 kilo PU casters, (5) black nuts, (5) black washers, instructions. Use on flat level floors.



Hercke MS300000-S70

Slatwall (Channel) Wall Mount System

Hercke LRP302406-S70

Rolling Caster Floor Platform

You Will Receive The Proper Number of Units as Shown Above To Mount All Your Cabinets With This Package Per Your Mounting Option Selection. Regular Flat Wall And Slatwall Mount Options Will Not Contain Any Floor Platforms.

Includes: Individual units as listed in chart below plus all items above needed per your cabinet mounting option choice.

Click on any picture or link below for details on that particular unit.

Hercke 30

Hercke 54

(1) Hercke 30W x 24D x 30H Upper  Storage Cabinets

(2) Hercke 30W x 24D x 54H Lower Storage Cabinets

Hercke 12

(3) Hercke 30W x 12H x 24D Solo  Storage Drawers (1) Hercke 30W x 24H x 24D Lower Storage Cabinet


Hercke Assembly Instructions (9.5M PDF File)

Hercke Video Demonstration

Notes: All cabinet shelves are adjustable in two inch increments from top to bottom of cabinet.

Chaos defeated. Order restored.

  • Durable, flexible and a simple idea built likewise with especially robust, yet stylish, corrosion-free stainless steel
  • Choose between Stainless Steel Doors or Silver Powder Coated Doors
  • Goes up and goes to work in minutes with no bruised knuckles or egos. One Phillips screwdriver and an innovative hinge application make it a simple snap.

Hercke brings order to disorder, calm to clutter and style to unexpected spaces.

Go configure:

  • Goes together in seconds without a fuss and rearranges without a second thought
  • Does not need to be bolted in place for the simple reason that people's lives are not bolted in place
  • Unpretentious form and unlimited function that goes well beyond the garage to the home, patio, studio, office and industrial applications

All things in modulation:

  • Modulates to fit your needs
  • Components stack with ease, lock in place and rearrange at will
  • Designed to assemble with true ease
  • Utilizes an exquisitely designed, yet humble hinge to do the work of ten men
  • By strategically hinging our units, we save resources on production and shipping, in addition to grief and time

Style built in:

  • Home elegant. Garage tough.
  • Rock solid on the inside and truly impressive on the outside
  • Space-enhancing, home-organizing modular systems that take home storage to new places.
  • Looks like it belongs and works flawlessly
  • Unflinching, premium quality in all aspects of product, design and service


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