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63 Piece LocHook Hook Assortment for Square Hole Pegboard

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Orig. Price: $139.99
Sale Price: $119.99
Prod. Code: LH2-KIT




63 Piece LocHook Hook Assortment for Square Hole Pegboard

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LocHook: Industrial Strength hooks & holders for Steel boards with square holes. Offering secure storage solutions for overweight and odd shaped tools & items never before available.

Construction: Welded
Color: Bright Zinc
Includes: 63 Assorted Pegboard hooks for square hole applications such as LocBoard.  NOT FOR USE WITH REGULAR ROUND HOLE PEGBOARD!
Single Rod Hooks: (5) 1 In. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend
  (5) 3 In. Single Rod 30 Degree Bend
  (5) 6 In. Single Rod 90 Degree Bend
Double Rod Hooks: (5) 3 In. Double Rod 30 Degree Bend
  (5) 3 In. Double Rod 90 Degree Bend
  (5) 5-3/4 In. Double Rod 80 Degree Bend
Curved Hooks: (5) 2-1/4 In. Curved Hooks
Spring Clips: (5) Extended Spring Clip
  (5) Standard Spring Clip
  (5) Spring Clip / Can Holder
  (5) Closed End Hammer / Pliers Holder
Tool Holders: (5) Single Ring Tool Holder
  (3) Multi-Prong Tool Holder
Material: Steel
Weight: 9 lb
Industrial Strength Hooks
  • The ultimate building block for organization and storage using the LocBoard system.
  • These industrial strength hooks with patented 2 and 4-point contact locking mechanisms offer the ultimate in holding power.
  • Hooks mount in four directions offering storage solutions for nearly any item, while maximizing the use of storage space.
  • LocHooks can be positioned or combined with one another to increase holding power and offers storage solutions for those odd shaped tools.
  • Incorporate hanging plastic bins into your system using our patented 57500 BinClips.
  • Styles never before offered.
  • LocHooks fit most steel boards with square holes 1-1/2" O.C.