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LocBoard Mobile Tool, Display, & Storage Cart
Orig.: $1,399.00
Sale: $1,099.00
DuraBoard Mobile Tool, Display, & Storage Cart
Orig.: $1,399.00
Sale: $1,099.00

"Thinking Outside the Toolbox".

Remember the age-old problem of pegboard hooks falling out after attempting to remove or hang up a tool?....Solved through the design of DuraHook™ patented double locking backplate, both the tool and the hook always stay put, even after repetitive use. And it’s the first hook of its kind that fits both 1/8" and 1/4" pegboard and can be used in four distinctive mounting positions.

Tritons’ versatile line-up of storage components, systems and programs will get you hooked and by offering products never before available, we’ll keep you hooked.

  • DuraBoard™: Polypropylene Pegboard with superior holding power over normal pegboard. This product is durable, weather resistant and suitable for creating tool silhouettes. Accommodates DuraHooks and everyday pegboard hooks.
  • DuraHook™: The first 2-point locking pegboard hooks that always stay put and mount both vertically and horizontally on all types of pegboard. Offered in styles never before available
  • LocBoard™: Heavy-Duty Steel Pegboards with square holes are load rated and offers the ultimate confidence for all you storage needs. This product is also well suited for the silhouetting of tools.
  • LocHook™: Industrial Strength Tools holders for Steel boards with square holes. Offering secure storage solutions for overweight and odd shaped tools never before available.
  • Swing Panel Systems: A durable double-sided wall mounted storage solution that takes up a fraction of the space of normal wall storage.
  • Mobil ToolCarts: Sturdy multi-purpose shop floor tool-cart, durable caster allows for system to move easily over most surfaces. Unlike tool boxes, personnel are always able to visually locate tools in a second and never limited by a tools size.  Also great for mobile displays, tradeshows, conventions, or other "moving target" display areas.
  • BinClip™: The first Bin clip that allows you to incorporate hanging bins for loose parts into pegboard, and LocBoard storage applications. 
  • Value Added:  Triton customized products with ergonomic design insures that you always quickly find the proper tools or items for the job with one visual sweep.  Just grap and go! 

    All products have been tested in the toughest industrial environments.

    Tritons’ collection of products will allow you to store virtually anything, securely.

    No matter what the number, shape or weight of tools or items you’re trying to store, Triton offers a proven and secure storage selection for any working environment.