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PVC Slatwall Panels by HandiWall
PVC Slatwall Panels For Universal Applications

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HandiWALL PVC Slatwall - Made in the USA!


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Accessories to hang on HandiWALL/Slatwall


HandiWALL® is the 21st century PVC slatwall panel which can be purchased in either 48", 80", or 96" long panels.  Each box with cover at least 32 square feet - The same exact size footprint as the old style bulky 4" by 8" particle board sheets.  The panels can also be cut to size with common woodworking tools to fit custom storage spaces.  Now available in 11 amazing colors!


HandiWALL slatwall allows a flexible layout that easily adapts to changing storage needs over time.






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In the Garage

  • Auto Zone
  • Garden Center
  • Tool Bench Central
  • Recycling Hub
  • Kids Toy Catch-All
  • Sport Center

The garage has long been a multi-purpose space and sharing that space can be a challenge.  Car enthusiasts use HandiSOLUTIONS® to showcase and protect their cars.  Families find a clear path to the minivan when toys are stored in racks and ball nets.  Craftsmen and woodworkers install clear bins for hardware, hooks for tools and wire bins for lubricants and chemicals.  Maintaining the HandiWALL® is a snap.  Simply spray it down or wipe with a damp towel.  It is impervious to water and the unique profile prevents water from pooling in the slats.

In the Home

  • Pantry
  • Mudroom
  • Laundry Room
  • Basement
  • Craft Center
  • Pet Zone
  • Home Office

Organization within the home has become its own market.  Adding custom organizers within the home increases its value, not to mention just making life easier.  Using HandiSOLUTIONS® to create storage space in the basement, organize crafts and wrapping paper, or free up counter space in the laundry room are a few ways to get more living space in your home.  Clear cramped entryways by creating a clutter-free mudroom equipped with shelves, hooks and bins for those backpacks, coats and shoes.

In the Retail Environment

 HandiWALL is a durable, beautiful canvas to help create your retail display space.  Merchandising is a snap to execute with the wide variety of hooks, shelves and bins.  Any configuration you can imagine is possible.  The commercial HandiWALL display is flexible, modular, and easily changeable.


HandiWALL® vs. Standard Fiberboard Slatwall

Comparison of overall cost, durability, and aesthetics

Cost Benefits


The freight costs for HandiWALL® are less than fiberboard slatwall because HandiWALL® is substantially lighter than fiberboard. A 4’ x 8’ panel of fiberboard slatwall weighs between 80 and 100 lbs - the same size panel of HandiWALL® weighs 38 lbs. Therefore, the cost of shipping one panel or one pallet of HandiWALL® is significantly less than the cost of standard fiberboard Slatwall. 


Because of the significant weight differences, HandiWALL® is much easier and quicker to install. Generally speaking, installing standard 4' by 8' sheets of fiberboard slatwall requires two people, whereas installing HandiWALL® only requires one person. This drastically reduces the amount of man-hours to complete an installation which in turn reduces the overall cost of a build-out or renovation.  Also no metal inserts are required to be purchased separately to strengthen the holding power of the panel as with the old fiberboard panels thus saving you even more money.

Length of Service Life:

HandiWALL® offers a much longer service life than standard fiberboard slatwall. Standard fiberboard slatwall is made of wood particles/flakes, a material that is known to be unreliable over time.  HandiWALL® is made entirely out of cellular PVC which retains its structural form over time and will not chip or break like fiberboard is known to do. This creates savings in that HandiWALL® panels do not need to be replaced nearly as often, if ever, compared to fiberboard slatwall which notoriously chips, scratches, warps, and disintegrates.  HandiWALL isn't affected by moisture, insects, rust, or normal environmental temperature changes.


Retaining the Brand-New Look - HandiWALL® PVC slatwall system is colored throughout, meaning it will never show scratches. fiberboard slatwall, on the other hand, will always show the slightest imperfection as it only has a thin layer of coloring on the outside of the product. In addition to not showing scratches, HandiWALL® can be cleaned and maintained simply by wiping it down with a
damp cloth.
Immune to Water Damage - It is well known that standard fiberboard slatwall cannot be used outside or in high humidity and must be kept dry at all times, otherwise the product will deteriorate and warp.  HandiWALL® is impervious to water damage and can be used for both interior and exterior installations.

Structural Strength:

HandiWALL® is 50% stronger than standard fiberboard slatwall which allows users to hang more weight from hooks and store heavier items on shelves. HandiWALL® can hold 100 lbs per hook or accessory attachment point so if for instance you needed a shelf that can hold two hundred pounds of weight you would use two shelf brackets to hold up the shelf, etc.  Also no metal inserts are required to be purchased separately to strengthen the holding power of the panel as with fiberboard panels.

HandiWALL® Product Features:

  • Manufactured in the USA with blended Cellular PVC material that is tested and listed with Underwriters Laboratories
  • 100% Recyclable with a resin classification of 3.
    Strong and durable
  • Water and moisture proof, easy to clean
  • Smooth satin finish and graining for wood colors provides a high-end aesthetic appeal
  • Scratch resistant with normal use.  Color pigment is throughout making scratches easily repairable and less noticeable
  • Four (4) panels per carton in 8′ lengths, eight (8) panels per carton in 4′ lengths - Each box weighs 41 pounds.
  • Color-coordinated installation screws and trim
  • Profile dimensions:  12 1/4″ x 11/16″
  • Compatible with all standard 3 inch spaced slatwall accessories such as storeWALL, Organized Living/Schulte, etc. (All slatwall accessories we sell on this site will work with either our HandiWALL or storeWall brand panels.
  • Available in eleven (11) colors: white, antique white, oak, taupe, gray, maple,  black, Graphite/Charcoal, Victorian Slate, Silver, and Beachwood.

HandiWALL® Technical and Quality Attributes:

  • Fire-tested by independent laboratory (ASTM E84 Test) ranks HandiWALL® in Grade A (index of 15) for flame spread
  • 3″ On center slats, 12 ¼ ” high (includes ¼“ for tongue and groove connection)
  • Meets our ISO certified manufacturing process and is quality tested to be compliant with the ISO 9001:2008 standard:
  • Length, Form, Fit and Function including shape of slats, connection of panels, assembly of slatwall accessories is tested
  • Incoming Quality Control for color and materials requirements for lot consistency
  • Strength testing every production run via in-house calibrated fixture
  • First piece inspection to match control plan specifications
  • Product is measured for conformity to requirements:
  • Final audit of manufactured product includes In process inspections, color match, and length