Overhead Storage > Truck Cap/Sailboat - 4 Point Lift System - 200 Pound Limit
Truck Cap/Sailboat - 4 Point Lift System - 200 Pound Limit

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Orig. Price: $210.00
Sale Price: $179.95
Prod. Code: V-CTH

Product: Truck Cap/Sailboat - 4 Point Lift System - 200 Pound Limit

Item Number: V-CTH

UPC Code: 097653117292

Video Demonstration- Operation

Video Demonstration - Installation

Notes: Go vertical! Store your recreational equipment up and out of the way. Safe self-locking pulley system grips rope instantly which prevents accidental release. Easy one person operation. Evenly raises all sides and corners. Includes all required hardware! Note: You may need to install mounting boards in order to properly install this unit depending on your ceilings current rafter orientation and spacing.


Ball Bearing Pulleys

Stainless Steel Hardware

EASY Installation

Straps will Accommodate various Items.

Designed for 10 ft or lower ceiling

Max Vertical Lift: 8.5 ft

Min Lifting Load: 75 lbs

Max Lifting Load: 200 lbs

Mechanical Advantage: 8:1

Shipping: This item ships either UPS/FedEx Ground or USPS Priority Mail.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I tie the system off when I'm finished using it?
You don't have to! The beauty of this system is the patented stainless steel self-locking safety cleat that automatically locks and holds the load once you release the rope. This makes your job easier, and more importantly safer.

What can I store with a Hoister?
Hoisters efficiently store small boats, rowing sculls, truck caps, convertible/Jeep hardtops, unneeded van seats, canoes, train sets, ski equipment and car-top carriers, and many other things that fit in its weight range. You can even build your own custom platform to hold those oddly shaped or smaller items.

How Can I Lift That Much Weight?
We use the mechanical advantage provided by a block and tackle system.

Do I Need To Buy Any Additional Parts For Installation?
The 4-Point Hoister Storage Systems come with all the mounting hardware. However, you may need to buy two 2" x 6" x 6' boards to help align the lift directly over the object you're lifting depending on your ceiling's rafter layout/spacing.  You can also build a custom platform to fit your own needs for odd-shaped or irregular items (a platform is not required for most symmetrical shaped objects).

Can Hoister Systems Be Installed Directly Into A Ceiling's Truss or Rafters?
Yes, if your trusses/rafters line up with where you want your Hoister mounted, it can be installed directly into ceiling trusses. You may need to run a short cross beam between trusses in order to mount the organizer. If necessary, you can install the two 2" x 6" x 6' boards to align the system so you can lift the object straight off your vehicle without the system pulling from side-to-side.

I Have An Item That Is Heavier On One Side Than The Other. Will The Hoister Lift The Load Evenly?
Yes. Because of the system's patented special design, the Hoister will lift your load evenly, no matter how the weight is distributed.