Garage Shelves > Individual 24" Deep Grid Shelf Bracket
Individual 24" Deep Grid Shelf Bracket

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Price: $39.95
Prod. Code: GSB


Individual 24" Deep Grid Shelf Bracket - Left or Right Hand

In need of an extra bracket or two to add more support to your 24" deep Grid Shelf system?  Look no further!  Available in either black or white and also regular flat wall (drywall - block, concrete, etc) mount .  Works with shelf units: V-GS24-F, and V-GS26-F,    Available as either LEFT Hand mount as shown in white above or RIGHT Hand mount as shown on the  right hand wall in black above.

Dimensions:  10-1/2"h x 5-1/2"w x 24"d (per bracket)

Options:  Flat Surface Mount,   Left Hand or Right Hand,  Black or White

Installation Instructions:

Flat Wall Mount:

Determine the type of wall you have then procure the proper type of screws/bolts/anchors for your application.  For a regular drywall over stud application you would need to use 3" inch long lag bolts going directly into the stud.  For hollow cinder block wall applications use large toggle bolts or other anchor system approved for this type application.  For solid concrete walls use a Hilti anchor system or other anchor system approved for solid concrete walls.  The staff at Home Depot or Lowes should be able to assist you in selecting the right product that is available for purchase in you local market.  Install a minimum of two fasteners for each bracket.  Each additional fastener will provide another 100 pounds of additional load support per shelf (400 lb max). 

Locate the wall area where you want to install the shelf and mark bracket hole locations on the wall with a pencil. Be sure to locate brackets directly over studs if mounting on a wall containing wood or metal studs.  Also make sure all the brackets are level with each other by using a level or by measuring down from the ceiling with a tape measure.  Brackets should be spaced as evenly as possible from each end of the shelf to allow for proper weight loading function.  Drill a pilot hole (or install anchor for solid concrete wall application) at each pencil mark.  A larger hole will be required if using toggle bolts.  If using an anchor system install them at each location per the instructions included with the anchors.  Bolt or screw all the brackets to the wall at each drilled out location. 

Place the grid shelf on top of the brackets. Make sure the grid shelf lines up properly with the bracket shelf lip lock and that the shelf is locked into place.